High Quality Outsourced Golf Products

When the Senior Technical Director of the U.S. Golf Association, Dick Rugge, was looking for a titanium driver that would be the association’s test club for a swing robot, he didn’t tap into the country’s top designers that the USGA keeps on retainer to study and improve upon existing golf technology. He didn’t even try to contact the top tier American manufacturers of golf equipment such as Callaway or TaylorMade.

What he DID do is go to Asia to see what they could manufacture first.

He was able to provide a factory with what he was specifically looking for and they supplied a sample that Rugge was able to then test. This sample would end up becoming the club head that would be used by the sport’s chief governing body to sort out which balls conform to the rules of Golf.

China’s Manufacturing Influence on Golf

China has played a large part in making high quality golf equipment available to everyone for affordable prices. Their manufacturing expertise has helped revolutionize the golf industry over the last few decades by helping creative minds with new ideas get their products manufactured and mass produced.

Getting Golf Products & Accessories from China

Below are some of the golf products and equipment our partners in China can source. We are able to make several of the items below with customized branding to include your logo or colors. If you are looking for golf equipment to up your customers’ game, contact us.

Golf Clubs

Creating New Innovative Golf Products

Don’t see the golf product you’re looking for above, maybe you’ve got a new product you’d like to launch into the market?

Here at Global Trade Specialists, our team can help you design & engineer your product, create a prototype for testing and move into mass production. Our team has over 30 years of experiences helping customers source and manufacture products from China for our customers.

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