About Our Golf Bags

A Golf bag is both for storing your clubs for another day on the coarse as well as an accessory that should make your playing easier. While golf bags are traditionally made for carrying or carting around, there are also rolling golf bag alternative for those that want to enjoy the course on foot too. We can get many varieties of bags, both carry and rolling, with many different options for storage.

Customizable Golf Bags

Additionally ALL colors, logos, and packaging can all be customized as per your request. Making the golf bags you choose specific to your brand and standing out from the others on the market.

We can source most types of golf bags including the ones below:

  1. Staff Bags

    Staff bags generally weigh around 10 lbs. and feature plenty of storage options. They are typically used by professional golf players

  2. Cart Bags

    Cart Bags are designed to be carried either on a golf cart or a push cart. They are heavier than a typical stand bag at on average 6 or more pounds.

  3. Stand Bags

    These bags are the perfect bags for the amateur golfer. They have a retractable leg system so they can be propped up anywhere, and are most of the time less than 5 lbs.

  4. Travel Bags

    Travel Bags are designed to protect your entire bags and clubs during transport. They have wheels for easy transportation. They also have padding to protect your clubheads from being damaged.

    There are two main types of travel bags, hard case and soft shell. If you bring your clubs with you often on a plane, you should be sure to check the airlines guideline regulations for golf clubs. Some airliners actually will ensure protection for clubs that are used in a hard case, while others will have you sign a waiver that acknowledges your clubs are covered in a soft shell and could be potentially damaged.

Sourcing Golf Products from China

At Global Trade Specialists, you get a trusted sourcing partner with over 30 years of experience importing from China. We can source any of the golf bag types you see above as well as other golf products and offer new product development services as well.

To learn more about how we can help source your products, contact us for a quote.

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