Wedges are a subset of the iron class of golf clubs designed for specialized use. They often have the highest lofts, the shortest shafts, and the heaviest club heads of the iron clubs. They are ideal for helping the player make accurate short distance shots to get the ball out onto the green or out of a hazard or any other tricky spot. They can come in a variety of configurations, and are often divided into one of four categories – gap wedges(GP), sand wedges(SW), pitching wedges(PW), and lob wedges(LW).

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Below is a sample of the of the golf wedges we can source, available with custom branding and colors.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Material: 1020C/1025C/ Zinc Alloy, or whatever other material you need.
  • Technology: Forged or Casting
  • Finishing: CNC milling/Polishing/Coating/PVD/
  • Color: Can be Customized
  • Coating: The wedges can be vacuum plated with a wide range of options
  • Shaft: Graphite shafts and Steel shafts are available