Iron clubs are used to propel a golf ball towards the hole. They generally have smaller club heads and shorter shafts than wood clubs. The head is made of solid iron or steel, and the most notable feature is the large, flat, angled face that is scored with grooves.

Irons are the most versatile of the golf clubs, they are used to tee ground on shorter holes, hit from the fairway or the rough as the player approaches the green, and to get the ball out of hazards, such as bunkers or in some cases even shallow water.

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Before around 1940, iron clubs were referred to by a unique name. Today, they are associated by a number from 1-10 that indicates the angle of loft on the clubface. A set of irons will also vary in clubhead size and shaft length as the number increases. Iron clubs that have a higher loft than the numbered irons are called “wedges”. Generally these are marked with a letter indicating their name.

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