Fairway wood golf clubs are used to hit the golf ball longer distances to cover the fairway than other clubs. Each golfer has a personal preference for their clubs, and fairway woods are a standard club for most golfers games. They often have club heads that are longer and rounder than other club types similar to that of a driver. In fact the 1-Wood was the former moniker for the modern ‘Driver’.

Golf has greatly evolved over the many years of existence and technology played a big part in the material composition of clubs changing as the game has modernized. Fairway ‘Wood’ clubs were once comprised of a wood head, now we see mostly titanium or composite metal club composition. Wood clubs get their moniker because, traditionally, they originally had a club head that was made from hardwood, most of the time it was persimmon.

Modern clubs are now made from metals such as titanium or alloys while the shafts are using a composite material like carbon fiber that have much greater performance.

Fairway wood clubs are numbered in an ascending order starting with the driver(1-wood). Wood drivers have the lowest loft and the loft continues to rise with the club number, changing the angle of the club face.

Wood clubs generally fall into two categories, fairway woods and drivers. A traditional set of clubs generally includes a driver and one or two fairway woods, normally a 3 and a 5. We can help you source fairway wood clubs, we even have access to customize clubs for your preferences.

Available Fairway Wood Clubs

We have a variety of clubs we can source from our partners. Below are some of the club specs for the fairway wood golf clubs we can source, including the 1-Wood(Driver), 3-Wood, 5-Wood and 7-Wood.

Custom Fairway Wood Golf Clubs

Innovation continues to influence the game of Golf, with new club designs always on the horizon. We have experience sourcing golf products from China, in addition to helping customer create new products. We have access to manufacturers of fairway wood clubs that can add your logo to the clubs with custom branding.

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