During and after the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were looking to find ways to stay outside and be healthy. Golf has been one such activity that has been becoming more and more popular, and that trend is expected to grow over the next decade.

The sales of golf products is expected to grow drastically over the decade. People have been looking for new ways to get outside and stay healthy during and after the pandemic, and Golf has provided a good outlet for that purpose.

Profitable Golf Equipment to Source

  1. Golf Clubs

    Golf clubs are the most profitable golf product on the market. In 2021, $1.87 billion in golf clubs were sold. Because of the level of machine work needed to produce them and how crucial they are to the game of golf they will always be one of the most profitable golf products to sell. With even popular golf names turning to Chinese manufacturers, the rules of golf were conformed around the performance of these sourced products.

    “Made in China” not only stocks the shelves in Wal-Mart, it also inspires the intellectual horsepower in the research-and-development halls at golf’s biggest club companies, as well as the inquisitive tinkerers alone in their garages.
    – Mike Stachura, Golf Digest

  2. Golf Balls

    You might be surprised to learn that the total amount of golf balls sold in 2021 equal $990 million in product. Golf balls with different cores and customization options are available to also help distinguish you from the competition. Golf balls will always be in high demand and be among one of the more profitable products in volume.

  3. Golf Apparel

    The golf clothing market is quite larger than you might expect. In 2020 the market size for golf apparel was valued at $834 million dollars. More and more people of all ages are getting into the game of golf, and now is as good a time as ever to make clothing for all ages.

    Golf gloves, hats, shirts, and shorts are all great items to produce. Softlines typically carry higher profit margins and with the innovative apparel options on the market, new ideas are welcomed too.

  4. Golf Accessories

    There are a wide variety of golf accessories that are great products to manufacture and sell. These include tees, golf bags, divot tools, ball markers, club head covers, and more. Altogether, they sold about $830 million worth in product and that number will continue to grow as well. The sky’s the limit when it comes to accessories.

    Accessories Including:

    • Indoor Putting Greens – These are great at helping people perfect their game
    • Golf Cleaning Tools – Maintaining equipment is especially important in the game of golf, where some dirt on a golf club can affect the impact of the club on the golf ball.
    • Club Headcovers – Headcovers are a great item because they allow for customization of peoples products while providing protection for their equipment. Logos, emblems, or other customizations can be printed on the head covers.
    • Golf Training Tools – There are a lot of golf training tools and equipment people use to make sure they are using proper form. These include golf nets, swing training aids, training harnesses and even golf simulators where you set up a screen, hit a golf ball against it, and it displays where the ball would go, much like a video game.
  5. Producing Custom Golf Products

    Custom golf products or accessories can also be very profitable. If your product can help improve a player’s enjoyment or performance of the game, then people will likely be willing to buy it. We’ve helped people with very creative ideas get their products made successfully.

    Just because the item you want to make isn’t considered one of the most “top profitable” doesn’t mean you can’t be successful with it. If you can find a niche within the golf market you can still achieve success.

Sourcing Golf Products

We’ve been helping people source their golf products for years. If you are looking for help sourcing or custom manufacturing your golf product, feel free to get in touch with us. We also would love meeting in person if you are located in Arizona.