As the world grapples with the strain of the coronavirus, many businesses have been trying to find ways to adapt. There has been a lot of concern about the future, much of which is for good reason. Many people who contact our company have asked us questions voicing their concerns about sourcing products from China

Here are some of the main questions we are asked, and the valuable answers.

Will My Shipment get Held Up in Customs?

There is more than one moving part to this question. The main way to expedite your shipment through customs is to hire a competent, responsive customs broker to help you clear the shipment on time and correctly. You should also be extremely specific with your supplier regarding the specifications and certifications you need for your product. Make sure that the product you are ordering will be compliant with all the standards needed for what it will be used for. 

For example, KN95 masks have been recently authorized by the FDA for use for the general public. N95 masks are used by medical personnel. 

Some shipments of non-medical KN95s have been purchased with the intention of using them for medical use. This was not their intended use, and as a result, some shipments have been intercepted by customs. The importance of understanding what your buying, what it is used for, and the certifications it needs cannot be understated.

Medical supplies have been ordered in mass, which, coupled with the effects of CoVid-19, has naturally caused delays at customs. So while there is a chance there could be a delay that is outside of anyone’s control, you should work to mitigate the possibility as much as possible.

Will My Payment Be Protected?

Some people have been concerned with their payments disappearing into the ether in the hands of a scammer. This is really only a problem if you don’t know if the factory you are contacting is legitimate. Checking out a company’s webpage is not always enough to verify its genuine. In China, business is done by building relationships, and having boots on the ground to not only check out the factory, but build those relationships pays dividends.

Will My Products Have the Coronavirus on Them?

Viruses do not have a long shelf life on surfaces. The consensus among those in the medical community is the virus will not last more than a few days on any surface. If you are having parts shipped by air or sea, the odds of the virus being transmitted is minimal. The main source of transmission is person to person contact.

Is buying from China more difficult right now?

Yes and no. The process of buying from China is still the same, but some developments have occurred over the past few weeks that have affected the buying process. The Chinese government is limiting the maximum number of masks to be shipped by air per day to 100,000 per customer. 

The FDA has also placed restrictions on which manufacturers are approved to export items such as KN95s under their Emergency Use Authorization policy.

Importing from China is still a cost effective way to source your products, and we want to make sure that you get a cost effective price and a seamless experience. Contact us to see if we can help you get your products made in China.