Have you ever asked yourself: How do I import from China?

I often receive calls from first-time inquirers who are nervous about importing from China, a foreign country thousands of miles away. China’s reputation has a dark side that is well founded. It’s not uncommon to hear of a customer who had a Chinese source disappear after a deposit was made.

Then there are the concerns over getting a new product made for the first time. Without proper engineering and/or prototyping, the risk of receiving a shipment of defective product multiplies.

Following are three questions we hear often, and the answers:

“How do I know I won’t get ripped off?”

It’s critical that you know who you’re dealing with when you import from China. E-commerce sites are risky; you don’t know if you’re communicating with a factory, a trading company… or a guy in an apartment with the wrong intentions. We have three partner companies that are based in China who we’ve known for many years; they’ll back up their words and will help take care of any issues that arise.
In China, “who you know and how well you know them” is critical.

“How do I get my product made in China? Is a rough sample enough?”

Factories need final, complete samples, or engineer’s drawings that show all dimensions, tolerances, material, and finish requirements.  If we submit a sample to the manufacturer in China that’s of lesser quality or where the dimensions aren’t made correctly, the chances are very high that you’ll receive more of the same in the production run. Not good. Taking the time to create final, detailed engineer’s drawings or a working prototype made in production is critical. We recommend that you do all prototyping and engineering in the U.S., and can refer you to one upon request.

“How do I import from China? Is the process difficult?”

We walk you through the entire process. It’s not that complicated once you know the steps to take. Basically, we take care of getting the shipment from China to a customs port nearest you, and you will need a customs broker to clear the shipment through U.S. Customs and get the shipment to your door.

Proper product development, knowing who you’re dealing with in China, and having someone who can walk you through the steps of importing from China can mean the difference between large financial loss, and success.

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