New Product Introduction(NPI) and New Product Development(NPD) are two closely related terms. In fact there is a lot of overlap between the two. Many companies may have slightly different variations of these but the general idea will remain the same for both of them.

NPI and NPD processes will help keep you on track with your product development to help you maximize the chances of success for your product.

About New Product Development(NPD)

NPD involves bringing a concept or idea to actualization through the creation of the idea, making and testing designs, and using market research to further improve the design.

There are 4 stages to New Product Development

  1. Conceptualization – This is where you start with a drawing board and start getting your ideas on paper and start brainstorming where you want to take your project

  2. Design – Here is where you will get design files made of your idea. These files will be needed by manufacturers to understand exactly how to make your product.

    In most cases these files will include 2D Pdfs that will have dimensions, material call outs, the finish, and the tolerances. Manufacturers will need to know this information as it will set the standard for the quality of the product.

    3D models will also be produced in the form of CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) files in step file format. The 3D models help factories see hard to see details of a part and help them quote and produce the part quicker.

  3. Prototyping – Once you have the first revision of the design files done, you should get them tested by making a prototype. Prototypes can have many uses. Not only can they help you ensure that your design will work as you intend it to, you can use them to conduct market research on the people that you are trying to sell your product to. That feedback can be used to improve your design even further.

  4. Finalization – It’s probably going to take a couple rounds of prototyping and design changes before your design is where you need it to be before taking it to manufacturing.

About New Product Introduction(NPI)

New Product Introduction, or NPI, is different in that it includes both the product development and product manufacturing in its stages. In essence, it covers every step that is needed to create a new idea, develop it, and bring it to market. New Product Introduction will include NPD in its process but includes the additional step of product manufacturing.

  • Product Manufacturing – After the product development is completed, the designs are finalized, and they have been tested with a prototype, then it can be taken to mass production. Our overseas partners can help you with getting a quote from qualified factories. Our team has been helping people get there products made since 1991. Contact us to see if we could help you with your project. We will be there every step of the way for you.

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