Getting Your “Stanley Cup” Travel Tumbler

Order one of the hottest products for 2024!

We have access to many factories in China that can produce high quality tumblers.

With the rise of the “Stanley cup“, tumblers have hit new highs in 2024 already. While we can’t source licensed brands like Stanley, we can source affordable comparable tumblers that will maintain high levels of quality.

These sustainable, long lasting cups are perfect for the environmentally conscious. Built from high quality stainless steel, they will last years if not decades protecting the environment and giving a long life span of reusability.

These mugs can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours. They are perfect any beverage, hot or cold, finally a mug that is both functional and fashionable.

These “Stanley Cup” tumblers are perfect for any occasion and will allow your customers to personalize their collection. Many people these days are even coordinating their everyday dress with the color coordination of their tumblers.

Tumbler Specs:

  • Material: SS304/SS204/ABS
  • Mug Size:
    • Top Diameter: 10 cm
    • Bottom Diameter: 7.6cm
    • Height: 27.50cm
  • Volume: 40oz Cup
Here are some of the styles we have available.