The most successful manufacturing endeavors always begin with a well thought out and complete design. Having manufacturing files in 2D and 3D format with complete dimensions, materials, and finish is the proper and safe way to have a product successfully manufactured. The benefits of having complete and tested design drawings cannot be understated.

Here are some of the advantages of having complete technical design drawings of your product:

  1. Reduces Manufacturing Errors

    Without technical drawings, all a manufacturer has to work with will most likely be a sample, a picture, a description, or some odd combination of each. This can be risky because without detailed drawings, a factory will default to whatever is easiest for them on aspects of a part such as the material and dimensions.

    They may use a cheaper, lower grade material than what you need, or use wider tolerances than what you find acceptable. Make sure to have detailed and complete manufacturing files of your product design to avoid any manufacturing assumptions that may need explicit directions.

  2. Having Product Drawings Save Time

    Detailed drawings eliminate room for interpretation and the need for questions. As China is near completely opposite time zone to the U.S., simple questions can end up costing days’ worth of time, and as everyone knows, time is money. Complete drawings streamline communication and make communicating complex details much easier and painless.

    Since product engineers use the design drawings to explicitly communicate to manufacturer’s how the product should be built, they use engineer notation which can prevent the back and forth about technical questions about the product specification. An experienced product engineer will be able to provide drawing that are complete and communicate the product specifications clearly.

  3. Having Product Drawings Saves Money

    Trying to get a custom part made without technical drawings is asking to gambling with your money. With incomplete or missing standards for a factory to follow, there is no guarantees they will be able to know exactly what you expect for the part.

    By having the proper files, you will mitigate risk of receiving a defective shipment, and also have the insurance of being to hold a factory to the files if the worst should happen and you do receive poor quality. Through our replacement policy, any products made that have dimensions that are out of tolerance according to the drawings will be replaced or compensated.

  4. Helps with Patent Approval

    When you apply for a patent, you have a better chance of being approved if you have clear drawings that have been tested with a prototype instead of a napkin sketch. The more defined your product is, the better your odds of success. The law requires that the detail in your patent application must be to the level where someone skilled in the field of the product can recreate your invention without having to experiment. This means that for patent applications, the more details disclosed, the better.

    Having to resubmit a patent application is extremely costly, and in most cases, can add many months if not years to the process.

  5. Helps with Investors

    If you are looking to raise capital for a product, it looks much more professional if you have technical files made. The more professional and well thought out you can present yourself and the product, the better your odds of attracting partners and venture capitalists.

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