Who we choose to work with in China is one of the most crucial parts of our business. We take great steps to ensure that those who manufacture our customer’s products are qualified to do so.

The first thing we do when we are contacted for a quote is review our customer’s project and send it to our partner companies in China. They then will begin to search for factories that will be able to make the product.

Our China based buyers will visit the manufacturer on site to make sure that they are a legitimate business with an established history of making that type of product. Prior experience with a similar type of product helps make sure the customer will get their parts quickly and with quality.

The buyers will also make sure the factory will protect the customer’s intellectual property, and will have them sign an exclusive manufacturing agreement where they are bound to sell the product only to the customer.

We will check to make sure that they have up to date equipment that will be able to manufacture products cost effectively. Standard inspection and manufacturing processes are also reviewed to make sure that the parts can be made quickly and with a reduced scrap rate. If a client needs a factory with a specific certification, our buyers can find factories to fit those needs.

We develop what is called guanxi which roughly translates to “relationships”. In the western business world, we generally tend to choose our partnerships and relationships on who can provide us with the most ROI.

While ROI is important in the Chinese business culture, it is equally important to build strong personal relationships with the companies you deal with in China. Perception is very important in China; if you cause someone to lose face by embarrassing them, you can end up losing deals and developing a reputation as someone who is unsafe to work with. Business relationships built on guanxi end up working faster, smoother, and more efficiently when working in China.

After the factory has been verified to manufacture the products cost effectively and with quality, we will begin the quoting process. Contact us to see if we can help you with your projects.

Image Copyright : LIU MING