Are There Benefits of Working with Local Sourcing Agents?


When sourcing, there are many benefits to using local agents.The three major ones that could affect your project are communications, familiarity with Chinese Business Culture and knowing the most efficient next steps when sourcing overseas.

An experienced China Sourcing Agent will be able to identify at what stage of development your product is in and help get it produced, QC’d and eventually imported. Working locally we can be a guide through the process, a resource for any questions and experience to provide confidence at every stage.

That’s not all you get when working with a local china sourcing agent though, we can also provide:

  1. Quicker Response Times

    Local sourcing agents will be able to respond much more quickly than if you used someone from a wholesale website.

    Communication is easier.

    Communicating with someone across continents can be difficult. Apart from the obvious time zone obstacle, Language differences can make discussing complex features or products a challenge of its own.

    There are also cultural differences that can make things even more difficult. Business in China is done differently than business in the United States.

  2. Chinese Business Culture Familiarity

    Business in China is built with a strong emphasis on relationships. Americans tend to be blunt and straightforward, while in China people like to get to know each other before doing business.

    They are also extremely polite. Many Americans will say what they like and don’t like about a product or person and aren’t afraid to get into people’s faces. This kind of attitude won’t get you very far and will push away potential business partners, so sometimes a more delicate touch is required.

    Business in China is much more relational than in the west. People in China won’t want to do business with companies or people they don’t like.

    Because of this, you’ll want to use people who are experts in dealing with people in China.

  3. Experienced with Overseas Sourcing Process

    We will go through the process of how things work through an initial phone call. We can walk you through whatever phase of your project you are on, including product development, prototyping, or mass production. We’ll be with you every step of the way so you don’t have to feel lost.

    We are familiar with how things work locally and have partnered with shippers and customs brokers that will know the best shipping routes. With the wide variety of manufacturers in the state, we’ve made sure our partners have access to most types of manufacturing processes.

We are also available for face to face meetings at our office here in Chandler, AZ. Nothing beats an in person visit when it comes to building relationships.