Getting Your Product Made in China

Getting Your Product Made in China
There are three keys to getting your product made in China: quality, price and delivery time. What brought you to the decision to manufacture your product in China may be price, but it must not be the sole factor that determines which supplier you choose.

Why? There are many factories available who can make a product for a few cents less than the other guy. But if they can’t deliver a quality product on time, then the price becomes irrelevant. If you negotiate a great price but get a container full of junk, you lose.

This is why our primary focus in helping our customers get their products made in China is to locate a reliable factory that can deliver quality products on time. Our people in China do work hard at negotiating competitive prices for you, it’s just that the price isn’t the only consideration.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
— Benjamin Franklin

Because of this, our approach isn’t to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a factory that will quote the price “you want to hear” at all costs. Over the years, we’ve seen that it’s not uncommon for a factory to quote a lowball price to get an order, and then… things start going wrong. The product isn’t delivered on time, or if it is the quality didn’t meet the expectations of the customer… or maybe they don’t deliver at all.

The company that imports a quality product at the best price with reliable delivery times, wins.  Those who focus on price alone take risks.

Our role is to help you be a winner.

Ready to get your product made in China? The next step is to provide us with information, prints, and/or a sample of your product. We’ll take it from there, and show you how to import your product from China every step of the way.

Our New Product Development and Importing from China pages provide in-depth information on the process of getting your product made in China and how to import from China.

Contact Us to get your questions answered on how to import from China and how we can start the process of getting your product made in China.


What Our Customers are Saying

When I decided to have my product manufactured overseas, I started by contacting manufacturers directly via the web. The responses I received were few and far between, and the communication was poor, to say the least. After several months of receiving the run-around from several manufacturers, I had all but given up on my hopes of bringing my idea to market. After some research I came upon the Global Trade Specialists site, and sent off an e-mail to Mike inquiring about having my product manufactured overseas. I received an immediate reply, and Mike walked me through every step of the process in a way that made it seem “too easy”. Even though my first order was a small one, the service and attention that I received was above and beyond what I expected. I am still astounded at how easy Mike and his company made the manufacturing process. My only regret is that I did not find Global Trade Specialists in the earlier stages; I look forward to a continuing relationship with GTS. — John B, owner, supplier/importer of custom tires

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