Protecting, Preserving & Presenting Wine with Wood Boxes

Wine is one of the oldest, most long standing products in human history. As the tastes of wine have changed with time, so has the presentation of the finest wine both for safe secure storage, as well as brand separating presentations. The wine boxes we have are perfect for your customers to house their wine in boxes as elegant as the drink itself. Made from birch wood, MDF, and mahogany, these containers are a perfect way to elevate the wine experience of your customers or celebrate a special events.

Custom Interior & Exterior Options

The interior of each box is designed to cradle your wine bottles securely, preventing any unnecessary movement during transport or storage. The snug fit not only protects your wine from breakage but also ensures that each bottle is displayed with the utmost care.

Personalize the wine storage with our customization options. We can supply a range of finishes, including classic wood stains and contemporary colors, to match your preferences. Or you can add a touch of class by including custom engravings, branding, or logos to create a truly unique and memorable piece.

We are committed to sustainability. Our wood wine boxes are crafted from responsibly sourced materials, ensuring that you can enjoy your wines while contributing to a healthier planet.

Below you’ll find a selection of wine boxes, these are examples of products we can manufacture. If you have a wine box design you want created, contact us today to get a quote!