Presenting Cigars with High Quality Wooden Boxes

Cigars are a refined hobby. Many cigars are meticulously handcrafted. As such we can source cases that show that same level of craftsmanship. We can source from woods that will give your customers cigars natural humidity regulation, ensuring the ideal environment for aging and preserving the cigars they hold. Some of the below boxes included use cedar wood, basswood, and okoume wood.

Customizing Boxes to Present Your Cigars

Personalization and branding options are available to give your boxes a signature mark including engraving, laser engraving, or any other packaging you may have in mind. We know that premium cigars cost for their quality. We can make sure that the boxes can match that quality standard without that costly expense to you.

Everything from the wood, the paint, and personalization is done with high standards for cigar aficionados.

You can see just a few of the boxes we have access to below.