The minimum order value we work with is $10,000.00.
Occassionally, we are asked if we can source product at a lower quantity. Most Chinese factories aren’t geared up for short production runs; if the order value is too small they won’t quote it. Worse, a factory may quote a short run to save face, but then suddenly go sideways when a customer wants to place an order… they “can’t obtain the raw materials”… or, “delivery time may be delayed”… or they disappear and all communication stops. We have found that $10,000.00 is a good starting point for most products, although, some factories in China will have higher minimum requirements depending on the value of the product.

We refer companies that come to us looking for short production runs to prototyping and/or short production run manufacturers in the U.S. There are many companies here that specialize in short run work who can get you by until you’re ready to step up to the next level.