Wholesale products and manufacturing your own products are the main ways people buy from China. Wholesaling involves contacting a manufacturer to order a line of product that they are already making. Manufacturing your own product involves designing your item and its packaging, which is more involved than wholesaling.

Buying Wholesale Products

Wholesaling involves buying products from a pre-made stock. It is ideal for quickly acquiring items in bulk that are simple or commonly used. More specialized items can be harder to find or may require contract manufacturing.

With the COVID pandemic occurring, wholesaling has become more prevalent now than ever. Most personal protective equipment items such as masks, KN95s, N95s, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizers are often bought wholesale.

Other simple items such as nuts, bolts, boxes, cups, and tubes are also bought wholesale on a frequent basis.

Wholesale items are easy to rapidly acquire, and most orders can be packed and shipped within a week or two.

Wholesale buying is relatively inexpensive as many items are rapidly produced in high volumes.

Manufacturing Your Own Products

There are many benefits to manufacturing your own product.

There can be less competition. Having your own product made allows you to enter markets that may be newly emerging or niche. In many cases, you may be able to apply for your own patent and secure a foothold in a market.

Making your own product is especially useful when you need a specialized purpose filled.

Contract manufacturing is a more involved process. You’ll need to have your own engineer files and prototypes to finalize the design before going to the manufacturer for quotes.

New tooling and molds are often required for a first order, and it’s also important to get a sample of your own product made so that you can see the level of production capability from the factory.

Both wholesaling and contract manufacturing are useful in different situations, and both give different benefits.

For more examples of items we can source and potentially wholesale, check out our products page, or feel free to reach out to see what the next steps for manufacturing your product are.