If you have drawings for your newly developed product, your next step should be to have a prototype made. You may wonder where you can get one made. Most production factories are geared to high volume orders, and it isn’t worth their time to make a one off or low volume orders. This leaves prototype companies and product design firms.

About Rapid Prototype Companies

The job of a rapid prototype company is to review your file, give you a quote, and make you some prototypes quickly for you to review and test. They usually employ 3D printing and in some cases, CNC machining to produce your prototypes.

They generally work quickly and can be a good option if you already have an engineering team behind you, and simply need a prototype made.

About Product Design Firms

Having a product design firm with an experienced team of engineers will provide the best experience with your prototype.

A product design firm will be able to review your product in any stage it’s in and provide feedback on your product. If your files are missing features or are otherwise incomplete, a product design firm will work with you to complete those files and get them ready for production.

They will be able to review what features on your product are able to be manufactured during production. Not every feature that can is able to be designed or prototyped is viable to be mass produced. Some features may simply not be able to be produced with mass production methods. Other features may require more attention to detail that will make them too expensive to be worthwhile.

Getting these features corrected early on in the process will allow you to fix them before they become problems later down the road, which would cost you time and money.

This is different from a rapid prototyping company that will make a part to the designs you give them and rarely offer feedback. Most of the time their job is to look at drawings and get the parts made and sent as fast as possible, where a designing firm will help you through the whole process.

A Product Design, Prototype & Manufacturing Solution

At Global Trade Specialists, our engineering and prototyping team will make sure your design is not only ready to be manufactured, but our China sourcing team can also help you get your project manufactured in China. We are a one stop source for all your product manufacturing needs. If you need help with designing or prototyping, don’t hesitate to contact us!