We recently quoted a company to manufacture parts for their hydraulic loaders. It was important to the factory and to us that we work to establish a long lasting relationship between each other for this customer, and for potential future customers. This factory was looking to enter the European market and the American market.

Their expertise with manufacturing wheel loaders and attention to detail made them a good candidate to bring into our list of contacts we refer to our customers. It is crucial to us that the factories we work with have good quality control standards.

We work to make sure we only bring quotes to our customers from factories that will provide our customers products at a level of quality they can be proud of.

When our partner company in China searches for a factory, they look at a number of different factors.

  • Can they deliver on their promises?
  • Do they have an established history?
  • Are they responsive and reliable?

These are some of the factors that we consider when looking for a factory.

We can also find factories based on our customers’ requirements. Some need their factories to be ISO certified. Others need some more specialized factories such as AS9100 certification, which is an Aerospace certification.

If the factory doesn’t meet these standards, then we move on and continue looking for one that does. What our customer values in their products, we use to find the factory that can deliver the highest quality product.

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