Every man made object you see in your life was once designed and engineered. From kids in garages to engineers in firms, these inventions came from people dedicated to the success of their product.

Product designers can help bring ideas to life quickly and professionally.

What is a Product Designer?

A product designer is a person who develops and engineers a product. They can work on a project at any phase its in and help with product development and prototyping. They can work on more generic projects or, some can choose to become more specialized and focus on specific fields of engineering such as industrial design, electrical design, mechanical design, and more.

What Does a Product Designer Do?

Product designers will take an idea or product in any stage of its development and will work to improve the way that it works and looks. They will also review a product and come up with ideas on how to improve how it can be manufactured, and come up with ideas on how to make it more efficient to produce, saving time and money.

They can work on a product from napkin drawings and develop it to a finished, polished design, or review a completed design and give feedback on how it can be improved. They’ll draft 2d PDFs with dimensions and call outs, and 3D models of a part so that a prototype can be made off of them.

For a project that is starting from scratch, a product designer will initially work to get manufacturing drawings made off an idea. Once the design is complete, a prototype will be made to test the product. Sometimes, outside testing from a laboratory is needed to get complete results.

The aim is to improve the way that existing products work and look and find ways to make a product cheaper to produce. They may also be involved in designing entirely new products.

Product designers will make sure a product is safe and easy to use, and that it will pass any regulations and US compliance standards, such as FDA or OSHA.

The designer or engineer will then take the results of the testing and adjust the design as necessary. Its not uncommon for it to take a few rounds of prototyping and testing to get your product fully fleshed out.

Packaging and Labeling

Product designers will be able to develop the packaging and labeling of your product. From logo creation, to artwork on boxes, a product designer will be able to carry your branding to the next level.

For most products, the first experience a customer will have is through the packaging. Product designers will be able to provide suggestions on the designs and emblems that will look better for the type of product.

If you are looking for help designing your product, contact us! Our professional engineering team would be happy to assist you. We can help you get manufacturing files made, prototype your product, and source it from high quality factories overseas.