On December 15, Reuters posted an article with statistics showing that U.S. manufacturing activity was up:

“The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank said its index of business conditions rose to its highest since March as new orders surged. A separate report showed business activity in New York state at its highest since May, with a strong rebound in new orders and an improvement in hiring.”

Reuters went on to say that the US auto industry might ramp up production in 2012.
(Read more at: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/12/15/us-economy-idUSTRE7BE12S20111215?mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRogsqjPZKXonjHpfsX%2B4%2BQsUbHr08Yy0EZ5VunJEUWy3oEBT9QhcOuuEwcWGog81ARXF%2BGGcoVU)

Could this be a positive sign for 2012? With Europe and China slowing down, the global economy surely needs a bright spot, although, for China, “slowing down” means a forecast of 9% in GDP growth.  The U.S. economy would explode if it grew at 9%.

This could be good news for us all if the U.S. picked up next year.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!