Promotional Items are a great way to showcase your company’s branding. Whether you are going to a trade show or want to send your customers a little gift, these are an effective marketing tool for any company. These items can have your company’s logo or title added to them. We have many product that you can make promotional products with your company’s brand. Great for event giveaways, company swag for employees and more!

Our team has connections to get printed designs and even laser engraving for some products as well. Here are a few of our suggestions to look at for promotional products with your branding.

Promotional Notepads & Journals

These notepads come in customizable colors. Emblems, logos, or company names can be added.  Great for convention products to give to visitors so your brand resonates with them again every time they use the notepad.

Branded & Wood Pens

We can make a wide variety of promotional pens, with black or blue ink. There are a number of different styles and materials that can be chosen for your pen, even laser engrave wood pens.

Logos and company names can be screen printed or laser-printed, with a max of 20 characters.

Pens are another great convention or booth giveaway for the attendants. These are also great for front desks and your employees, inspire your team with branded pens.

Branded Reusable Water Bottles

People love using reusable water bottles. They are good for the environment, and are practical for everyday use. We have a wide selection of reusable water bottles that can be printed with your logo, brand and other messages.

Encouraging hydration never looked so good! Share promotional water bottles with your employees, their families, vendors and many more.

Promotional Tote Bags

Tote bags are one of the best promotional items to give away. If you are at a trade show, many people will store promotional items in tote bags, so they keep your logo out there for all to see.  They come in canvas or non-woven fabrics, and are eye catching. 

Tips for Branding Your Promotional Products

Once you pick out your promotional products, you’ll want to make sure your important information to make the branding most impactful for your company. we have a few suggestions on what to include one your products:

  1. Logo & Company Name – Branding products with your logo and/or company name will help remind employees and customers of your company.
  2. Phone Number & Email – Leaving a brand impression isn’t enough, we need some way for people to easily reach out to you too. This is most important when the promotional product are for conventions, events and customers.
  3. Event Name, Location & Dates – Often times conventions and special events where you have a booth create sentimental and emotional connections to the trip. Conventions in special places are especially nice to add you a branded product. Reminding attendees of the fun trip and your company.
  4. Commemorative Messages – Events aren’t always needed to celebrate milestones with your company. You’ll orten see celebrations of their year of establishment, awards, company growth and more. Don’t forget that this can galvanize your workforce behind your brand and reward them with some company sway for the accomplishments too.

These are just a few messages to consider before finalizing your promotional product. They will help your promotional product create an impression about your company and create more brand touches.

If you are looking to source promotional products from China and have questions, contact us. Our team is base right here in the US and our experienced china sourcing agents can help guide you through the process.