Your All-in-one Product Development Company

Although our primary mission is to help our customers buy their products direct from China in production quantities, we also function as a product development company in many ways. We receive many inquiries from customers who have a new product that they want to get engineered and prototyped, and need guidance on how to put it all together.

First, we never suggest that you do your engineering or prototyping with a Chinese product development company.  We have found that the prototyping process is too slow when done in China, and Chinese engineers don’t have a good understanding  of what Americans want to buy (this is why successful products such as the iPhone or iPod were engineered in the States). There’s a lot of going back and forth with design changes, so you want to work with a product development company you can call to keep the process flowing. Email can only accomplish so much when it comes to engineering; adding cultural barriers to the mix makes it harder. This is far different than manufacturing on a production basis in China, where providing them with a set of drawings and a finished sample is all they need to hit the ground running.

Some customers ask us if Chinese production factories will do the engineering and prototyping work, but production factories aren’t geared up to be a product development company.  The most you’ll get out of a production factory is one, or maybe two sample at the most; then they’ll drop your project so they can focus on running their production orders (we know; we’ve tried).  In addition, prototyping companies often have machinery that is more suited to running a few parts, such as a rapid prototype machine or 3D printer, whereas a production factory won’t have this equipment.

We work with several capable American engineering companies whose area of expertise is to create engineer’s drawings and prototypes.  Just provide us with the basics of the materials and construction of your product so we can refer you to the right one. We work with engineering and prototyping companies that work in metal, plastic, wood, and textiles.

Once the engineering and prototyping process are finished, we can take it from there and get you a quote to make your product on a production basis in China.

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