pet bottle

One of the most common types of plastic used on a daily basis is Polyethylene terephthalate or PET plastic. The most prevalent of the thermoplastic (pliable when heated) polymers, it is often used to make plastic bottles and food packaging. However, its other uses may be surprising…

PET Plastic Uses

PET plastic’s resistance to moisture makes it ideal for holding food, water and carbonated beverages which don’t play well with other types of plastic. It can be made lightweight and collapsible adding to its appeal as packaging material for convenience foods. This also allows it to be easily compacted and recycled.

pet hangers

One of the unexpected uses for both new and recycled PET plastic is cloth fiber, making PET plastic a (sometimes) eco-friendly product when reused properly. Recycled PET can be used to make the hangers those clothes hang on which is a more environmentally sound alternative to 100% new plastic or wire hangers. Additionally, by aluminizing PET, it is transformed into Mylar material which is used to make “space blankets,” and has adhesive properties for making certain types of tape.

PET Plastic Safety

For several years there has been talk about the possible issue of chemicals from PET plastic containers leaching into the foods and beverages they hold.  While high temperatures can increase the chances of this, tests showed it was unlikely for toxins to get into the contents when kept at room temperature for up to a year. With the fairly rapid turnaround between manufacturing and getting products into the hands of consumers it would seem the risk is minimized.  The most helpful preventative measure, in this case, is educating the public and warehouse distribution centers about not storing water bottles in excessive heat for extended periods of time.

How to Get PET Plastic Manufactured

Injection molding allows PET plastics to take on a variety of shapes and designs that can help make your product distinctive while coming in at a lower price than other materials like glass which are harder to work with and more expensive to ship. The wide range of Chinese manufacturers we have access to allow us to find the best factory for your product. Contact us to get the quote process started.