Feb 12, 2014

by Mike Genung

We have a Facebook page for Global Trade Specialists here. We post many pictures there, including shots of manufacturing companies in China, the Chinese people, and interesting places.
This picture has been the most popular:

A Bride in Hong Kong

A Bride in Hong Kong

While walking the streets of Hong Kong, March of last year, my wife and I approached a wedding party that was outside a hotel in Hong Kong. My wife quickly stopped and took this and several other pictures of the bridal line. At the moment I was in man mode and wanted to keep moving, a wedding ceremony wasn’t high on my “want to see” list.
But my wife nailed it. This picture shows a China many aren’t aware of; they think of China as a dreary, gray place with open sewers in the streets and men and women walking around in Mao suits. They don’t see the China of today that has prospered and become the world’s second largest economy.
Note the red dresses. Chinese persons associate red with good fortune, thus wearing red would be appropriate in their culture for wishing the couple and long and happy marriage.

More to come in future posts.