No, I’m not referring to the mess in Congress, where they’re playing ping-pong with spending bills as they duke it out trying to figure out how they can spend more money we don’t have in order to drive us deeper into the debt hole.

China has 3 big holidays, their Chinese New Year, where companies close 2-3 weeks, the May Day holiday in the beginning of May, and their National Day holiday that runs from October 1-7. The National Day holiday is in remembrance of when the People’s Republic of China was founded on October 1, 1949. Much like our fourth of July, fireworks displays are exhibited through much of China on October 1.

Starting tomorrow, manufacturing companies in China are closed through October 7. This means our partner companies in China won’t be able to work on quotes until October 8. Some manufacturers may open their door for several days during the holiday to keep production on current orders moving, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

We’ll still be in our offices, as always, so feel free to contact us.