Most people know that if you were to look anywhere inside your room, office, school, or workspace you can find something that was made in China. But did you know that some of the most prominent companies that advertise as “Made in America” also import from China?

That doesn’t mean their products are any less reliable. In fact, the quality can be identical to domestic made products.

  1. Melissa & Doug Toys

    Melissa & Doug Toys have a handmade simplistic appeal that has made them very successful, especially in the age of today technology appearing in most products. They are on par with Lincoln logs in terms of scale and quality, but their products are actually produced in China.

    Their toys go through a rigorous inspection and are tested multiple times to ensure quality control.

  2. Harley Davidson

    The iconic American motorcycle company Harley Davidson announced in June, 2018 that it would start producing some of its items overseas to avoid the tariffs placed by the EU. Harley-Davidson began a partnership with a company in China to help grow its overseas production.

    In June 2018, iconic American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson announced it would start producing some of its products overseas due to the tariffs imposed by the EU in retaliation to President Donald Trump’s trade policy. This June, Harley-Davidson launched a new partnership with a manufacturer in China to expand its overseas production.

    They aren’t the only automotive company that imports parts from China. Only 55% of a vehicle’s parts have to be made in the U.S. for it to be considered an “American” automobile? Most car companies import a considerable number of vehicle components. This doesn’t make them any less reliable, but rather helps achieve affordable cars for everyone.

  3. New Balance

    New Balance imports most of their shoes from Asia, with their line of domestically produced shoes carrying a higher price tag than their other shoes. Their shoes, regardless of their origin, have proven to be high quality and last for quite some time.

    This has allowed them to achieve a profit of $4 billion in revenue in 2017, according to Forbes.

  4. Levi Strauss

    There probably isn’t a more well recognized jean then Levi’s. When you hear jeans, Levi’s is one of the first things you think of, and for good reason. The premium clothing company is known for their durable and attractive clothing.

    The company has some lines of clothing that are American made, but they, import much of their stock from China.

  5. Radio Flyer

    Everyone has heard of Radio Flyer, or at least seen their products. One of the most recognizable American brands has actually been importing their products from China since 2004. Their tricycles, scooters, and red wagons are all produced overseas. 1/3 of their products are produced in America in a factory in Wisconsin.

  6. L.L. Bean

    The retail company has lines of products that are made in the U.S., but also imports many of its wares from China. Some of their signature items come from a factory in Maine. The company is known for its high quality products, and had a lifetime warranty until February 2018.

    They had a revenue of $1.6 billion in annual net sales in 2018.

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