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We are now sourcing from manufacturing companies in Taiwan.

A little about Taiwan: their population is 23 million, as compared to China’s 1.3 billion. Taiwan’s 977 billion dollar GDP is around one tenth of China’s more than 9 trillion dollar economy. While Taiwan’s industrial base is much smaller than China’s, their high tech sector is thriving. Foxconn, the company that makes the iphone and other computer products, is Taiwan owned. Viewsonic and Kingston are well known manufacturers of monitors and LED TVs (Viewsonic) and memory chips (Kingston). HTC smartphones are made in Taiwan. Sharp products are made there, as are some GeForce video cards. Blackberry products are made in Taiwan. A number of automotive companies, including Ford Motor Company, manufacture in Taiwan. There are many high tech precision CNC machine shops and other manufacturing companies in Taiwan making a wide variety of products. For a country of only 23 million, Taiwan has a powerhouse industrial economy.

We’ve found that Taiwanese manufacturer’s prices are often 30-50% higher than China’s; for most of our customers, sourcing from China will still be the answer. But for certain niche products that might require a level of technical expertise or resources that are not available in China, Taiwan manufacturing companies can be competitive and occasionally even able to undercut the Chinese prices.

Taiwan manufacturing

We recently sourced a medical product in Taiwan for one of our customers. The material wasn’t available in China but was being manufactured in Taiwan. The product required assembly and packaging, and our sourcing partner in Taiwan put together the entire package. In addition, the price was more than competitive, which made our customer happy.

What sourcing from Taiwan offers you is an upgraded version of China; factories, with a high level of expertise or equipment than might not be found in other Asian countries.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss getting a quote for your parts or product sourced and manufactured in Taiwan.