What is “Modern Product Design”?

In today’s world where around 75-95% of new products fail depending on the market, you want to make sure you take every advantage possible in order to boost the odds of your product succeeding. This includes using modern product design techniques that are vastly superior to their outdated predecessors.

Modern Product Design uses innovative technologies to enable the most product success. Using a number of advantages to effectively design, develop, manufacture and aid in marketing to your demographic.

Here’s what to consider when looking for modern product designing:

  1. Blend Design and Engineering

    In the older days of design work, and you still see this today in many circumstances, product design teams and product engineering teams are worlds apart. Engineers will focus solely on the function of a product, overlooking or forgoing the aesthetics of the design of the product. Some products fail because while they function perfectly, they were either ugly or didn’t fit the appeal of current market trends. To counteract this, many companies would have to use two different firms, a design firm, and an engineering firm, to work on a product and figure out things such as logo placement, color, how the color and logo would be applied, the overall shape of the product, etc.

    It could be a cumbersome process, often costing time and money that could be better spent to other things. Nowadays, the best product design firms will have engineers that are well versed in engineering and product design, and know how to make a product that works well and looks great.

  2. Incorporate Marketing Into Your Design Process

    The last thing you want to do is launch your product blindly. The more up to date you can keep up on your market’s trends, the more you can tailor your product to fit the market.

    You can use a prototype to get feedback from your target demographic before you launch a product. Showcasing your product to people who might use will allow you to get input on how the product works, if it’s easy to use, if it solves a problem people are willing to spend money on, and so forth.

    This will allow you to make adjustments to the product before having invested too heavily before the point of no return. You do not want to blindly step into production and end up being left with an inventory of goods no one wants.

  3. Design Your Product for Manufacturability

    Your product’s design won’t be worth much if you can’t make it.  You can design just about anything imaginable with computer software these days, however, machinery that mass produces items can’t make every angle and feature yet.

    Also, just because a product can be produced by 3D printing doesn’t mean that it can be mass produced. There are some complex features a 3D printer can make that a CNC machine or mold can’t replicate.

    A good engineer will be well versed in modern manufacturing methods such as CNC machining, injection molding, and castings.

  4. Keep Your Product Simple

    There is a beauty in simplicity. You might be able to design your product with all the bells and whistles, but if your product has a 100 buttons for each function, then you’re going to confuse your clients, and no one wants to feel like they need a master’s degree in order to understand your product.

    That simplicity also extends to most parts of your product, including its aesthetics and logo. Think of all the most successful brands, Mcdonalds, Walmart, Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft. All their branding and messaging is simple, and clear to the point. Most TV commercials and advertisements will show products as being easy to use, solving a worthwhile problem, and being the next best thing that everyone is using.

Design & Develop Your Products with Experience

At Global Trade Specialists, we do everything we can to maximize the chances of your product succeeding. Our engineering team will help you bring your product to life, after which we can then help you prototype and manufacture your product in China.

If you are looking for help getting your new invention off the ground, contact us now. We are a U.S. based company located in Chandler, AZ.