Product testing is crucial in the development of a new item. Fully testing your product before launching can mean the difference between success and failure. Properly performed product tests can save time and money, and provide you peace of mind.

Product Function

Checking if a product actually does what you want it to is the first step in testing it. For more complex projects, several rounds of tweaks may be required to make it work at its optimum capability.

Product Reliability

It’s important to perform stress tests on your product to check the quality of its design and material. The full range of testing can include temperature, performance, humidity, water durability, stress, and safety tests.
These types of tests can be repeated on the same part to simulate what wear and tear it may go through on an average lifecycle.

Product Defects

It’s especially important to find and fix any flaws that are in your product before your customer has a chance to notice them. In the age of social media and internet access, companies, especially startups, can have a hard time recovering from reviews written by unsatisfied customers. Fixing any flaws that might cause physical harm to the customer is especially vital, and should be addressed immediately.

Quality Assurance

Some products must go through a specific range of tests to qualify for a specific certification. In many markets, certain certifications are required before you can launch a product. For example, many products that may come in contact with food need to be FDA certified.

Rigorous product testing is important to identifying issues and making adjustments to your product before it’s launched into the mass markets. Testing can save you time and money in the long run, and protect you against potential legal and moral ramifications. Your product is the sum of all its parts, so it’s important that every part reflects the experience you want your customer to have.

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