3D Product Renderings can be a great asset to any product design engineer’s toolbox. They can help an engineer test a product without having to make a physical prototype, and allow for better communication with clients during the designing process.

Here are the three benefits you get from using 3D product renderings during development:

  1. Getting the Client Involved

    Having 3D product renderings can help get the client more involved in the product development process. Without these renderings, an engineer would be left with 2D drawings that are great for manufacturers to understand dimensions and tolerances, but they don’t leave as much as a visual impact and clear presentation as a 3D rendering.

    Having 3D renderings will help the engineer show potential design implementations or suggestions, which can make communication much simpler and easier than having to explain complex features.

    3D renderings have the potential to save both the engineer and client a lot of headaches, the engineer could potentially avoid having to redesign parts of the product due to faulty communication, and the client doesn’t have to pay for redesigning it.

  2. Helps The Designer Engineer Products

    3D product renderings can help with the engineering process as well. Many engineering software programs allow designers to build 3D renderings that can have simulations programmed and ran. This can allow them to test a product’s function before moving to producing a prototype. If a part of the product will interfere with the movement of another part, sometimes the simulation will flag that.

    3D renderings will help the engineer improve the design of a product before moving to making a prototype. This can help save both time and money making by making fewer iterations of prototypes necessary.

  3. For Advertising and Marketing

    Once the product is fully developed, 3D Product renders can be used on installation manuals, packaging, and marketing materials. 3D product renders can be used to help make commercials demonstrating how a product works. High quality product renderings make this help marketing your new product and its features.

Getting 3D Product Renderings & Prototyping

Our product design engineering team will work closely with you during the design process and provide you with 3D renderings to help enhance your project. If you need help bringing your project to life, contact us! We’d be happy to help you.