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We’ve been sourcing sheet metal parts and other metal fabricated products and parts for our customers for years. The fabrication shops in China we work have a wide range of capabilities and equipment, including bending, punching, forming, stamping, welding, and machining. One of our larger factories has its own in house powder coating line, and can provide products complete with all assembly, hardware, and packaging.

We can source sheet metal parts from all types of materials, including aluminum, brass, steel, copper, stainless steel, and more.  Our suppliers have no problems working with sheet metal parts made from plating, sheets, bar stock, or tubing.

Second operations such as machining, grinding, turning, wire EDM (electrical discharge machining), heat treating, and plating are available.

If you have a new product and needs engineer’s drawings and a prototype made of your sheet metal parts, we recommend that you do the prototyping and engineering in the U.S. We have a company in the U.S. we can refer you to who can create drawings and a prototype for you.

From there, once you are ready to go to the production phase, we would take your engineer’s drawings and/or prototype, and send it to one of our fabrication manufacturers for a quote. The price we quote you would include the freight to the customs port nearest to you.

The cost to make tooling in China is often 50-75% less than that of domestic suppliers, reducing the cost of your initial investment. The next step would be for the factory to make a sample of your product for approval. Once you signed off on the first article sample, the factory would begin production on your product and/or parts.

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