You might be considering getting a product mass produced for a number of reasons. There are many good ones, and many benefits for those considering expanding their product production. Now is as good a time as any to start.

Here we’ll go over why you should think about getting your product mass produced.

Why Should You Bring a Part to Mass Production?

Mass produced products can be impactful in a number of ways and it doesn’t always have to be from a complete product production either. Even by just moving some specialty parts into mass production can prove beneficial. Using more efficient manufacturing methods on your most difficult parts and lowering the total cost per part can save you time and money.

  1. Cost Savings

    When you order parts in bulk, you can get a savings from ordering in higher quantities than you would from lower volume productions. This includes savings from material costs, labor, and shipping.

  2. Save time

    If you have a product you produce on your own that is either really time consuming or just annoying to make, you might consider getting it made somewhere else to save yourself the pain of making it. We’ve had customers come to us asking to make a part because making it themselves took up too much of their time and that they’d rather spend on other tasks.

  3. Having the Right Tool For the Job

    Maybe you just don’t have the right equipment to make a product on your own, or as efficiently for high volumes. Mass production factories will have the experience to make your product/parts properly and quickly. They’ll have access to a wider variety of machines such as Lathes, CNC Mills, Laser Cutting, EDM Cutting, and so much more.

How to Mass Produce a Product

  1. Develop Your Product

    The first thing you will need to do is to make sure your product is at its final version and you don’t want to make any changes to its design. Most factories focus on making products, not engineering them, especially overseas ones like from China. So you will need to have done engineering completed beforehand.

    You can have an engineer make manufacturing files that factory’s will go off of to make your product. The next step would be to have a prototype made to test the files. We can help you with your product development at any stage.

  2. Find a Factory to Produce Your Parts

    Now that your product is developed, you can start looking for a company to produce your parts. If you are looking at going overseas, we highly recommend using a sourcing company.

    Our team can help guide you through the importing process and navigate hurdles such as language and culture barriers. We’ll be with you every step of the way and make sure you get your product made safely and cost effectively.