by Janna Hoiberg

Dan Sullivan had a perspective worth sharing in the May issue of Success Magazine: rather than trying to double your growth – go for 10 times your current sales. “WHAT?” I hear you scream. “It’s hard enough to achieve double growth, how on earth can I even consider a goal of 10X?”

That is exactly the point.

A 2X goal is really just what you are already planning for the future (assuming you are planning). The ability to  double your sales isn’t rocket science; you know the basics—hard work, planning, and executing the right tasks.

The 10X goal pushes you out of your comfort zone. I can already feel the squirming. A 10X goal forces you to look at what is really going on in your business. It forces you to look at inefficiencies. It challenges you to think out of the box, to put systems in place to handle 10X, to understand your business, structure your business, and PLAN. You must now think differently, observe differently, plan differently and execute differently. Once you start thinking 10X you will notice opportunities, changes, and perspectives. Then you can start making the changes that are required.

Here are my perspectives to this type of thinking:

1. If you shoot for 10X,  you might not make it, you might only reach 5X.  🙂

2. 10X thinking creates perspectives on your business and forces planning.

3. You don’t know how to think 10X? What better way to start looking at everything from a different perspective? Read, ask, get advice, reach out to others, be humble. Even if 10X is achieved, I guarantee your 3, 4 and 5X will be more profitable.

4. For 10X I need to look outside the box, and that creates FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real. What are your real fears? Figure them out, since they will probably keep you from achieving 2 X. There is no better time than the present.

5. The reality is that I don’t see any downside to 10X thinking. The danger lies in 2X thinking. Thinking too small limits your potential and leads to my favorite quote: “Hell on earth is seeing the person I could have been!”

Janna Hoiberg is a business and marketing coach; we have teamed up with her to provide you with our Marketing Advantage Program.

Image copyright: Tom Wang