Clocks and watches are one of many products types we can source from China. We can source pre-existing clocks or newly design custom clocks. We’d need 2D Pdfs and step files to quote custom clocks, if desired.

Clock Products We Help Manufacture in China

Below are some of the types of clocks we can make for you:

Digital Alarm Clocks

Product Features
  • Choice of Color
  • Battery or wall plug-in
  • Temperature & date digital display
  • Gentle alarm wakeup
  • Digital display works in light & dark
Product Specification
  • Size: 5.16 inch
  • Color Options: White or Black

Simple, yet practical and elegant, these alarm clocks have a gentle wakeup alarm that gets progressively louder after a few moments. It has a light to see in the night, and is powered by battery or cord. Information such as the date and temperature is also displayed.

Wall Clocks

Product Features
  • Choice of Color
  • Battery powered
  • Silent ticking
  • Easy to Read

Wall clocks are a staple for every office, home, or workplace. Made with large, easy to read Arabic numerals, these clocks are perfect for hanging up on walls. The silent ticking guarantees they won’t be a bother.