All manufacturers, buyers, and suppliers know the importance of good quality control. The better the inspection process is, the less likely defective parts will slip through the cracks. The factories we work with do provide their own quality control and inspect the parts they produce in accordance with the specifications they are provided.

We also have contracted with a third party inspection company that can provide an optional onsite inspection service on a shipment.

There are advantages to choosing this service. You now have an independent, impartial company that will inspect your shipment to your specifications. That additional layer of inspection is an excellent way to add another level of quality control and give a little more peace of mind.

If you were looking to use the independent inspection company, you would provide us with a list of inspection parameters that the company would use as a guide to look at your parts. The parameters could range from anywhere to the finish, tolerances, true location, concentricity or any other needed aspects.

An inspector from the company would then visit the factory and take pictures showing any and all possible issues and provide an unbiased report based on their findings. You will be provided with pictures of the shipment as well as the product.

You would then have the option to accept or reject the shipment, assuming that the product defects were outside of the original production guidelines or prints of the product.

The base cost for an on-site inspection is $350.00; prices vary from city to city.

We do replace or credit all products made outside of your written specifications.

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