The Chinese New Year holiday is officially over, however a lot of factories are still closed. Some will still be away all of this week. By next Tuesday they should all have returned, although it will take several weeks after that for their workers to trickle back.

In the fall of last year I visited China with my daughter Rachel, who works for the company. We visited factories and met with my partner companies.

Here are a few pictures from that trip:

dreamliner windows
We flew from Los Angeles in the new Boeing Dreamliner. The windows dim digitally vs the old ones that used shades. The plane was also very quiet, a nice upgrade. It made the 13-1/2 hour flight a little more enjoyable.

suit factory
The showroom of a factory that makes suits and dress shirts.

factory front
In the lobby of a manufacturer in China that makes dental tools.

Samples at a factory that makes cosmetics.

business meeting
At a business meeting with our partners in Qingdao.

plastic injection molds
Steel injection molds at a factory that makes plastic injection molded parts in Shenzhen.

wood manufactuere
The production floor at a large factory that manufactures wood products.

queen victoria harbor
Our last stop: Hong Kong. It was overcast that day, and we got hit with an afternoon thunderstorm.