The CDC is hard at work trying to study the effects of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19). It’s been made public from recent studies that a large number of people with the virus lack symptoms. Even those that do develop symptoms can transmit the virus before showing any effects of the virus. This means that simply speaking or coughing on another person can transmit the virus.

Protection Against COVID-19 Spread

Since there is no vaccine for the virus yet, the best way to avoid illness is to avoid exposure to the virus, the CDC has recommended other preventative measures for protection.

To combat the coronavirus transmission, the CDC has heavily recommended covering your face with a cloth mask while outside or in public, ideally where social distancing measures can be difficult to maintain. Places such as an aisle at a grocery store. Many districts are requiring worker protection for essential employees too, that means providing the appropriate masks.

A few exceptions are those who already have trouble breathing, children under 2, or those who would otherwise have trouble removing the mask without assistance.

This isn’t meant to replace the social distancing practices. You should still remain 6 feet away from people in public. Masks and cloth coverings will protect other people from your breath and coughs, but it doesn’t stop others from coughing and sneezing on you.

Using Masks for Protection

The cloth coverings recommended aren’t meant to be surgical masks or N-95 respirators. Those should be reserved for healthcare workers, other medical first responders, and areas where contamination is greatest; many agencies and hospitals are experiencing a shortage in those areas.

Examples can be bandanas, scarfs, or homemade masks made from makeshift cloth material. Once masks are exposed they should be washed or at the very least, not worn within a couple days of being used so that if the mask has contact with the virus, you won’t be infected from it. For more information on proper mask use, you should visit the CDC website.

Sourcing Masks Across the World

With the high demand on masks, many are looking to source their own masks to help provide for their company and the community. Here at Global Trade Specialists we’ve been helping source and procure emergency supplies from China through the COVID-19 outbreak to do our part.

Update: Is it Safe to Still Order From China?

Sean updates us on how safe it is to make orders from China and what their current situation is.

If you are looking to source cloth coverings from China contact us, we want to help. We would need either pattern drawings or a sample to quote you. We can make masks from most materials and sizes, just let our team know your specifications.