A China Manufacturing Broker Can Provide a Boost to Your Business

We receive many inquiries from people who want to source their product from China. Many are new to the manufacturing process.

As China manufacturing brokers, we have 30 years of experience helping our customers develop and manufacture their products and know the potholes to avoid. For those who are just getting into the manufacturing world in China, there is a lot to learn. Working with a China manufacuting broker (also referred to as a China sourcing agent) such as our company offers immense cost savings.

Strong Focus on Important Details

We don’t submit your project to a quote with a production factory in China without ensuring it’s ready for manufacturing. This includes inspecting drawings and/or samples provided and evaluating if the factory has everything it needs to make your product. We will also ask you if you’ve tested your drawings by making a prototype. Going straight to production without testing the drawings first would be a disaster.

If you need drawings and/or a prototype made, we’ll encourage you to talk with our engineer and work with him first to create detailed drawings and a prototype.

Delays or issues during the production process can be avoided with quality planning. Thorough testing and development, extensive market research, and providing explicit written standards for production are paramount.

It’s critical that the drawings and/or sample we submit to the factory are final and production ready when we submit a project to them for a quote.

Changing the features of your product after production will be expensive. Tooling or mold rework fees and the cost of raw materials already purchased by the factory can add significantly to production costs. However, with careful and pragmatic planning your company could save a great deal of money.

Doing the right work and preparation before going into production prevents mistakes and saves time and money, which is why we carefully evaluate a project before sending it to one of our partners in China for a quote. Working with a China manufacturing broker can help boost profitability and viability in the long-term.