Some factories in China offer prototyping and engineering services. These factories will usually require a production order be placed with the design and prototype order.  In the past, we have referred some of our customers who wished to have their products developed in China to these companies.

If you choose to have your engineering done in China, you need to make sure the company you choose will be responsive. They should clearly understand what you need and be able to provide examples of other similar projects they have worked on. Make sure that the terms of the order are what you want before proceeding.

Our experience with these Chinese ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) companies haven’t met standards we found acceptable for our clients. More details on some of the experiences we have had can be found here.

We have found it is better to use American prototyping and engineering firms to develop your designs.

American engineers will be more familiar with U.S. standards and certifications than Chinese engineers. They also will have more expertise; many Chinese engineers choose to get their education in the U.S.

Communication is more seamless with avoiding the headache of speaking across time zones.

There are also cultural differences that can make it challenging to successfully communicate complex ideas and dimensions with a more involved project.

In the U.S., we have access to many stock items that can be used in engineering and prototyping. China doesn’t always have that same immediate easy access to components that we do. This means that for some components they will have to make or order them themselves, and it usually requires a high quantity. This can make the costs rise.

It’s for these reasons that we highly recommend using an engineer from an American company for your designing and prototyping requirements. We have partnered with an engineering firm who can get you started on your designs. Visit our get a quote page to begin the process.

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