If you have a small product, you might consider packaging it in a wood box. The packaging speaks volumes about your product, and a wood box will give it a first class look and feel. We work with a number of manufacturing companies of wood products who do excellent work. Most woods are available, including rosewood, maple, oak, teak and walnut. We can also laser engrave a picture, logo, or text on the box.

One idea is to give a free business card box made from wood to your customers as a promotional item. We can supply these in all of the woods above. You can have your company logo laser engraved on the top lid or where you see fit.

Another excellent promotional tool is a wood pen. Laser engrave your logo on the barrel, and you’ve got a great giveway that won’t get circular filed.

On a business trip to Indonesia, I bought coffee that was packaged in a wood container. I don’t remember if I ever tried the coffee, but I kept the wood container.

Tools, watches, cutlery, almost any kind of metal part, souvenir items and office products such as pen sets are just a few of the items that do well when packaged in a wood box.