Time to Start Planning for Christmas Inventory

Every year, we get calls in October (and later) from customers who need product for the Christmas season.  By then, it’s too late. After factoring in production and transit time, a shipment won’t arrive until after the New Year.

If you need Christmas inventory by October, the time to place orders is in July.

Consider the following scenario: an order is placed July 15. It takes 45 days for production and to get it on a vessel; the shipment leaves China September 1. Add another four to five weeks for sea transit time, and you’ll receive your shipment some time early October. These are average production and transit times; it’s important to remember that factories are busy now so it would be wise to add two to four weeks to the process.

If you plan to sell a new product in the Christmas season that might involve additional engineering or mold production time, it’s critical to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Want a Rosewood Pen?

For years, we’ve been sourcing wood products from a large factory in China that does fantastic work. Their quality is second to none, and they work with a variety of materials, including rosewood, walnut, oak, and maple.

To show you an example of their work, I’d like to send you a free sample of a rosewood pen that they make. Just reply to this email with the address where you want it sent, and it’ll be on the way. This pen is a great promotional item; custom logos, pictures or names can be laser engraved on the barrel. This factory makes many other items for office and home use; they do custom work as well.

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