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china cnc machining manufacturers
china cnc machining manufacturers

We have sourced CNC precision machined, fabricated, and cast parts from China since 1991. Quality control is our mission; our suppliers back up their work with a guarantee.

With China’s low labor rates we can offer you competitive pricing on every type of machined part. There are now many machine shops in China with late model U.S. and European made CNC machining centers, lathes, grinders and other types of modern equipment. Manufacturing companies with ISO certification are available. If ISO certification is required, please specify this when contacting us. We also source castings of all types.

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How Our Sourcing Agency Procures CNC Machining Parts from China

We have been sourcing CNC machined parts from China since 1991, including parts manufactured on CNC machining centers or turned on CNC lathes. Every year, we ship hundreds of thousands of machined parts to the U.S. and abroad.

Our CNC Machined Parts Sourcing Process

Quality Assurance of Your Drawings

The process for sourcing CNC parts from China begins with your drawings. We’ll look them over to make sure everything that’s needed is there, mainly, all dimensions, tolerances, material, and finish requirements. Occasionally we receive prints where the material or some other information is missing, like the tolerances.

It’s important that we have complete drawings up front so the CNC machining factory makes the parts to your specifications and doesn’t fill in the blanks as they see fit.


Placing the Order with Our Partner CNC Machining Groups

Then, depending on the tolerances, purchase volume, and complexity of the parts, we’ll place your project with one of our three partner CNC machining groups in China to manage with a factory we’ve been working with for years.

For example, we work with a factory who can do close tolerance work, within +/-.0005. Customers who need close tolerance CNC precision machining would have their parts made by this factory.

Most of our customer’s parts don’t require tolerances this tight; on average we see drawings with tolerances of around .002 or more. Depending on the volume and equipment requirements (CNC turning, CNC machining, surface grinding, and/or assembly) we’ll place your product with the factory that is the best fit.

The factories we work with have modern inspection tools equipment and solid quality control procedures in place. The QC room I’m standing in below is temperature controlled and equipped with a CMM (coordinate measuring machine).


This factory makes large machined parts for one of our customers with tight tolerances.
They also make small parts:


Ensuring Proper Packing of Your Metal Parts

Packing is an important consideration as unprotected metal parts are prone to rusting during transit by sea. Depending on the material, if the parts are not anodized or plated (i.e. nickel plated) they should be coated with a rust preventative at the factory.

Final Quality Control Inspection

In addition to the factory’s quality control processes, our partner company performs their own inspection. One of our partner companies has 4 engineers on staff.

For an additional measure of quality control, we offer an independent third party inspection service, where an inspector comes in and spot-checks the order to your inspection guidelines.

Shipping of Your Machined Parts

Finally, our partner company reserves a spot for your order with the shipping line, and the shipment is on its way to you.

Visiting a CNC Machine Shop in China

Two months ago I visited a cnc machine shop in China that makes precision, close tolerance machined parts for us. They’re capable of doing close tolerance work in a variety of materials and sizes. They have plenty of CNC lathes and other equipment in their precision CNC machine shop. Here’s a picture of me in their factory:

China CNC Machine Shop

China CNC Machine Shop

They have the capability of making small precision parts as well as large ones:

Small precision cnc part

This manufacturer has excellent quality control procedures and equipment, which includes a high precision coordinate measuring machine in their inspection department:

Inspection Quality Control in China

We’ve been working with this cnc machine shop in China for years, and they’ve done a great job delivering parts made to print in the delivery times they promise. I always enjoy visiting manufacturers in China; there’s always something to learn and interesting things to see. They don’t always do things the way we do and so it’s fun to see how they run their businesses.

This isn’t the only machine shop we work with; we source from many more. This one is a small machine shop. Others have huge production run capabilities, while some specialize in other processes, such as surface grinding.

All it takes for us to get a quote is a set of drawings that include all dimensions, tolerances, and material requirements.