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Designing a new product and then jumping straight to production without first making a prototype to test is like playing Russian Roulette with 5 bullets in the chamber.

Imagine importing hundreds or thousands of a product that were defective, just because the product hadn’t been prototyped and tested. It wouldn’t be your best day.

Manufacturers produce product based on the prints (engineer’s drawings) or samples provided. Factories are not responsible for defective product if the prints or sample are not representative of the final product you want.

The only way to know if your product functions properly is to produce a prototype and then test it.  Having a good trial product made by a prototype manufacturer is also needed for market research so you have a tangible, working representation of your product to show your customers.

When you’re ready to go into production and have large quantities of your product made, the manufacturer will need prints showing all dimensions and specs of the product, and/or a complete sample made from a prototype manufacturer.

We work with several excellent prototype manufacturers in the U.S. that do engineering and prototyping who we can refer you to. (Mike Genung wrote an in-depth article on why you should prototype and engineer your product in the U.S. as opposed to choosing China prototyping in the July 2011 newsletter.) If you’re ready to go into production now and have engineer’s drawings already made, some Chinese factories will make a prototype for you in lieu of a production order.

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We have been doing business with GTS since we opened our business in 2004. Their ability to efficiently source our product and guide us through the importing process saved us countless hours and dollars we would have otherwise spent looking for a manufacturing partner. They were able to help us minimize our cash outlays, which enabled us to test the waters for our product with a minimum of risk. We have gone from importing a few pallets at a time to importing entire containers of product at once. In the rare instance we have run into an issue, GTS has been able to solve it quickly, again saving us hundreds if not thousands of dollars. On several occasions we have had other companies provide us quotes for manufacturing our products but no one has come close to providing us the cost and service we receive from GTS. — Anthony V, president, supplier of freeway safety products

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