We Help You Buy Direct from China from Reliable Manufacturing Companies

There’s more to importing from China than just the price. Finding a capable, honest supplier you can trust to ship quality product and keep all proprietary information confidential is critical for success.

How We Help You Buy Direct From China:

We Offer You:

  • A local American company that is always just a phone call away.
  • Mike Genung, a sourcing agent with 25 years of experience in international trade
  • Chinese partners who pre-qualify China manufacturing companies, negotiate prices, and inspect shipments
  • Our 5-point guarantee that includes a confidentiality clause
  • Guidance in the product development, manufacturing and import process. We also source products that are already made in China.
  • A team of American companies to help with engineering, prototyping and package design
  • The ability to source product our competitors can’t

Here are examples of the benefits of letting us help you buy direct from China. We’ve sourced:

  • A patented metal assembly for 66% less than domestic cost.
  • Molds and plastic components for a spare parts wholesaler at 70% less than domestic cost.
  • A plastic educational product from a China manufacturer for $5.00 that was being bought for $27.00 domestically.
  • A China manufacturer of plastic netting that our competitors could not find.
  • A sporting goods product at more than 60% below domestic cost.
  • A metal tubing product at 25% below what our customer was paying his former Chinese supplier.
  • And, we have helped many companies take a new product from prototype to production, some that are patented.

Since 1991, Global Trade Specialists, Inc. has helped companies of all sizes buy direct from China from quality China manufacturing companies. We got our start sourcing  machined parts of all kinds from China, including cnc machined parts, forged parts, sheet metal parts, and castings, as well as plastic injection molded parts. From there we rapidly expanded into sourcing other products from China, including wood items, apparel, and textiles. We are an American company who works with three trading groups in China with immediate access to thousands of China manufacturing companies. Sourcing quality product from reliable factories is our first priority.

Contact us to discuss your project and how we can help you buy direct from China.

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